The Surprising Link Between Sleep and Socializing

teens partying

You’re the life of the party and love to mix and mingle. You just couldn’t refuse that invitation, so you are out celebrating (hey, it’s your best friend’s birthday!). The problem? That do-or-die meeting first thing tomorrow morning…on the other side of the country. This means waking up at 1am to catch the flight and you know you won’t sleep a wink on that plane. You think, there’s no point in even trying to sleep, and are tempted to power through the whole night with friends. Don’t.

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One of the Best Anti-Aging Ingredients in Skin Care Products

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Ever wake up and find yourself examining your face in the bathroom mirror?  You scan over lines and imperfections and wonder about anti-aging lotions, creams, and other so-called miracle workers.  Should you switch to a new product? Is there something better? Does better mean more money? Is your product even working?  You pick up your facial cream, flip it over to the ingredients and think to yourself, “What the heck is any of this stuff anyway?”

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Engine Speak, Part III: Talk the Talk in Engine Specifications

Car Dashboard Gauges

  This is the third installment of the 3-part series, “Engine Speak.” In this series, Kenia will break down and explain common fancy schmancy engine lingo, a la Auto 101. Does your vehicle have an ABS? What is the engine displacement in your V6? What’s the hyperdrive rating on your X-wing’s fusial thrust engine? If any of these questions leave you scratching your head, wonder no more. Reveal to you what these mean, I will.

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How to Change Your Oil: Part II

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It’s that oil change time again and you’re dreading the next visit to the mechanic. What is he going to say this time around? That you also need more coolant? Or worse, that you need extensive repairs? Each time you object, he raises safety issues. Something could happen if you don’t pay him to fix it now. Your gut says it’s unnecessary, but you end up paying anyway. What else can you do? He might be correct… Take charge, that’s what! You can do it!

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“Unexpected” Bills Throwing you Off? Don’t Let Them Sideswipe You Again!

Surprise bill, surprise expense, surprise, surprised

There’s that feeling of dread as you open the envelope. You know what’s inside, but you’re not quite sure what the damage will be. Your heart races…oh no! Your annual DMV registration bill is a whopping $135! You just socked away $100 in your savings account last month!

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